Friday, December 9, 2011

Perfect Shoes From Ten Dexler's Purrfect 10

 CHECK THESE OUT!!! OMG! I am already in looove with Purrfect 10 shoes, but these are the latest release from the amazingly talented Ten Dexler called Killer, and appropriately named! Not for the extreme detailing of the bullets delicately strapped around the ankles, not for the super-sexy gun barrel heels, but because I almost died of want when I saw them!
You can change everything on them to fit your unique tastes and whatever outfit you are wearing that day. Each shoe can not only change the strapping from the default texture you purchase, but also to black, as you see above. The skin can be changed to the EXACT MATCH of ANY skin you are wearing, and the texture of the skin is photo realistic and just beautiful! No more flat and plain skin tones on the feet. In the pictures you can see the slight pink shading on the heel of the foot, and in the pictures above, just look at that pedicure! ...need I say more?
Another change to detailing you can make is to the soles. I love this because you can wear any shoe and tie in any outfit with it! Say you loooove the pink tiger striped shoes, but you're worried about being able to wear them with that blue dress you love? Just change the sole and it ties right in!

Shoes: P10 Killer Heels from Purrfect 10

I'll be wearing these for a very long time....

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