Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool Free Gift From Mami's Style!

This awesome dress is a freebie November Gift from Mami's. I feel like a Autumn woodland fairy, after losing all my leaves! Get this unique and cool creation this month at Mami's!
The hair is fome D!va and is the Diamond is Mine Hunt Gift. The flowers are color changeable, and this may be my new favorite of the week! Make-up from Alter Ego "Thiq make-up"
Outfit - Mami's Style - November Gift Dress (comes with jewelry)  - FREE!!
Hair - D!va's Hair - Diamond is Mine Hunt Gift - FREE!!
Make-up - Alter Ego Thiq Make-up

Is There An Echo In Here? Plus [Glow] for TDR

Here are 3 gorgeous shirts by [Echo] that I found by chance, searching my own name out of curiosity! Sure enough there's another Echo out there that loves fashion as much as I do! These 3 shirts are all freebies at the store inworld!
The hair is from Analog Dog and for a limited time, is FREE!! That's right, fatpacks of ALL SHADES of these styles can be found for FREE for a short time!
Both of these necklaces I received by clicking "like" on the Dressing Room facebook page and just adding my name to the list! Click it and add your avatar's name HERE!
[Echo] Glissando Shirt in Teal and Analog Dog Hair "Susanna"  and TDR Necklace I FREE!!
[Echo] Shirt in Blue and Analog Dog Hair "Baby" FREE!!
[Echo] Gilliard Vest Beaded and Analog Dog Hair "Susanna" and TDR Necklace II FREE!!
The Dressing Room Necklaces FREE!!

Wilson's Says THANKS for Thanksgiving!

This is a free group gift from Wilson's. From now through November 25th you can pick up this gorgeous freebie just for joining Wilson's group in-world! Don't miss out! Only a couple days left to own this flowey blue formal!
Gown - Shimmering Petal - Wilson's - FREE!!

More skin!

 This is a free skin from Al Vulo! for the Diamond is Mine Hunt - FREE!!
Al Vulo!

 These skins that follow are all from Quarantine:

 Quarantine - GFW Ellie Glow Skin

 Quarantine - GSP Pale Jenny skin

 Quarantine - Winter La Venta skin

Quarantine - Zombie Popcorn Brand Apocolypta skin
Quarantine for the first 3
Quarantine Apocolypto skin @Zombie Popcorn

For the Next 24 Hours Only!!

Hurry and run to Censored to grab this skin, FREE for the next 24 Hours ONLY!!
Skin - Censored - For Only 24 Hours- FREE!!!

Add some summer to these cold days with the Kawaii Hunt!

Inject a little summer into these cold days with this sweet little strapless top from the Kawaii hunt! It goes so well with my new find, this shawl from Meena's! The earrings are from Meena's as well, and the aviator sunglasses are a part of the Menstuff Hunt Gift from SB Menswear. Make sure you get these socks from *Crazy* - they're in a tiny bag on a book shelf, kind of hard to see... I paired them all with my beloved store COOL BEANS' FREE GIFT Leggings... It's closing in just a few days so make sure you grab a few items from there before they're gone forever. :(

Shawl and Earrings - Meena's - FREE!!
Top - Iren - Kawaii Hunt Item - FREE!!
Leggings - COOL BEANS - Group Gift - FREE!!
Socks - *Crazy* - $5L
Boots - The Vinyl Cafe - Legwarmer Boots - Group Gift - FREE!!
Hair - Vignette - FREE!!
Sunglasses - SB Menswear Menstuff Hunt Gift - FREE!!