Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Egoisme Hunts!

These cool outfits both come from Egoisme for the Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 going on now! Go on a sexy safari or take over Thunderdome! They come with all accessories shown (minus the sunglasses) including these awesomely textured boots! Includes both male and female outfits. Skin shown on the male is also by Egoisme for the Menstuff Hunt - ALL FREE!!

Egoisme - Dreamcatcher Outfits (male and female) for The Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 - FREE!!
Egoisme - Skin on male for the Menstuff Hunt - FREE!!
Vignette - Female Hair - FREE!!

NEWs and Frees!

I love these new hats from 7Style! So cute and come in several shades of animals :D Pick up the boots while you're there from the Menstuff Hunt! This cute red sweater was only $1L at *Ribbon* The hair was also free at Uw.St! So cute with a perfectly precision cut bob style. The shorts are from COOL BEANS which is closing soon! Get down there before it's too late!!

Hat - 7Style - NEW!!
Sweater - *Ribbon* - Only $1L!
Hair - Uw.St - FREE!!
Leggings - Fabienne Bolissima Couture -(I Love Cupcakes Hunt - until Dec. 1st) FREE!!
Scarf from Maria Design, The Mushroom Hunt (ended on the 20th but you may still get lucky!) FREE!!