Sunday, November 20, 2011

C`est La Vie and DIMH 3

 This sweet little over coat is new at C`est La Vie! It comes in several colors and has great details like the buttons on the front, and drapey sleeves.
This bag is beautiful and FREE!! A Diamond is Mine Hunt gift from Indyra Originals!
Jacket - C`est La Vie NEW!!
Bag - Indyra Originals Hunt Gift FREE!!
Pants - Part of a Dollarbie Outfit at CHEERNO (must join group) $1L

New Designer and New FREEBIES! ~Cannibelle~

This new designer is spot-on with these vintage inspired lingerie sets. ~Cannibelle~ Should have, in all honesty, been at the Vintage Fair, but lucky us, these can be picked up right now in her brand new store ~Cannibelle~!! Beautifully constructed, it's just a shame they can't be worn to the grocery store...
~Cannibelle~ Kitty Lingerie NEW!!
(Colors from top left: Black Currant, Jelly Dolphin, Aniseed Ball, Licorice Rock, Sour Apple, Strawberry)

This is her subscribo gift, a corset style tattoo that comes in faded, as well as fresh tones. Is it a corset? Is it a tattoo? You decide! FREE!!
(Shown with undies from Plastik and stockings from Alter Ego)
~Cannibelle~ Yva Subscibo Gift FREE!!

Last but not least, (isn't she generous?!) a Group Gift on top of the subscribo gift! This set of tank top and leggings with lace cut-outs are that outfit for the grocery store, or for going out dancing! Sexy, comfy, and classic they can be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe!
Take the limo and get down there before the gifts are sold out!
~Cannibelle~ Donna Tank and Leggings Group Gift FREE!!

More from Menstuff!

 This jacket is just beautiful and perfect for those cold windy days hiking the trails along the coast in the  Pacific Northwest!
Subversion Jacket, Scarf, Pants for Menstuff Hunt

...and when I come home and want to snuggle by the fire, this sweater is just what the doctor ordered...
SB Menswear Aspen Cardigan for Menstuff Hunt

As always, find the full array of hunt gift pictures at SLFreebieHunters!

New From Kalnin's! And Pick Up Some Gifts From Mimi's Choice!

Beautiful NEW!! Kalnin's Audrey Shoes
These beautiful new heels from Kalnin's are a new staple to all my outfits! As you can see from the last pic, when you change the color of the ankle strap, it ties in the stitching and embellishment across the main part of the shoe, making any color combo seem utter perfection. Pick them up in a few days...
Kalnins Shoes - Audrey Stiletto - NEW!!

  Gizza's Creations has a new group gift for Mimi's Choice- this fabulous Unisex sweater is out now! Great textures and totally wearable for men or women!
 Argyle Sweater Group Gift from Gizza's at Mimi's Choice! FREE!!!
Sunglasses from ROLE OPTIC FREE!!
Bracelet from caLLie cLine  FREE!!
Both accessories are from the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 3 going on now!

While you're out, pick up all four of these FREEBIES from Sensuelle at Mimi's Choice! Sexy just got sexier!
Sensuelle at Mimi's Choice FREE!!
(from top left) November Group Gift, Green Bikini, Purple and Black, Black Transparent.