Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEWs and Frees!

I love these new hats from 7Style! So cute and come in several shades of animals :D Pick up the boots while you're there from the Menstuff Hunt! This cute red sweater was only $1L at *Ribbon* The hair was also free at Uw.St! So cute with a perfectly precision cut bob style. The shorts are from COOL BEANS which is closing soon! Get down there before it's too late!!

Hat - 7Style - NEW!!
Sweater - *Ribbon* - Only $1L!
Hair - Uw.St - FREE!!
Leggings - Fabienne Bolissima Couture -(I Love Cupcakes Hunt - until Dec. 1st) FREE!!
Scarf from Maria Design, The Mushroom Hunt (ended on the 20th but you may still get lucky!) FREE!!

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