Monday, November 21, 2011

Diamond Is Mine Hunt & Vita's Boudior

 This sexy "madam-esque" number is #034 from The Diamond is Mine Hunt 3 going on now! It comes with the corset, panties, gloves and cigarette holder (also known as a quellazaire). It also comes with a knee-length skirt, tutu style skirt (shown below), hat, heels and other stockings- not shown)
 These sexy heel-less black leather boots are a free gift from Vita's Boudior FREE!!
Pony Girl Boots - Vita's Boudoir - FREE!!

Lingerie and accessories - ChiChi of London for The Diamond is Mine Hunt - FREE!!
Make-up - MDL Group Gift - FREE!!
Stockings - *Sheer* by Sh Oluja -14 Torn Stripe Black


  1. Thank you for adding us to your blog role,!
    We'll also add, great blog!

  2. Looks beautiful and those ponyboots look fabulous. It would be good to see a fuller ponygirl ensemble.