Friday, November 18, 2011

*LpD* Fashion

I had been here awhile back, but had forgotten about this super cute store with some great quality outfits and shoes until yesterday. With all my hunting freebies and blogging, and all the other goings-on I have keeping my busy in SL lately, I haven't had much time to just stroll through a shop and actually buy something I can see on a rack instead of hidden in a package ^^
This dress wasn't free, but a great price and definitely worth it! Take the jacket off or leave it on, up to you. There was even a fatpack of free eyeshadows out front that I picked up!

*LpD* *So Pretty* Dress in Brown
*LpD* Eyeshadow Strong Brown (5 shades if memory serves!)  FREE!!
Caroline's Jewellry White pearl necklace
COOL BEANS Black Rose Pin from a tank top (modded)
Acid & Mala Reader Glasses (prev. post)

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