Monday, November 28, 2011

Buttercups, Analog Dog and Gizza

I'm so excited about the new freebie hair at Analog Dog Freeball Beach! This stunning hair with a color-change band is hard to believe it's a freebie with it's beautiful highlighted blonde shades and relaxed tousled pony tail. It's perfection!
A new to me store was on my journey through SL yesterday, and I picked up this gorgeous feminine top with laces up the front. It's gotta be summer somewhere in the world, so I'm going to spend my evening down by the lake, dreaming of hot August nights in the beautiful North American Redwoods as I listen to the frogs and crickets sing and watch stars run free across a cloudless sky...
Top - Buttercups - NEW!!
Shorts - Gizza November Gift Outfit - FREE!!
Hair - Analog Dog Freeball 'Pause Puff' - FREE!!
Tattoo - Para Designs

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