Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OMG! 4 Free pairs of shoes at Winter Holiday Village!

All four of these pairs of shoes are FREE!! Right now at *Winter Holiday Village*!! You have to cursor over a couple of them, as they are not well pointed out, but look at how beautiful these boots are! The purple ones have a HUD that can change the texture of the buckle with several options. The last pair has an alpha layer that did not fit me well, but I bet if I dig around, I can find another foot alpha in my inventory that will work just fine!  I will be making good use of the 2 pairs of taller ones ;)

Take your taxi to  *Winter Holiday Village*
1. *MCS* Montana Shearling Boots Multi
2. P&P "I got the power!" Morganite Super Stilettos
3. Slouchy Leather Boots
4. *MCS* WHV Walking Boots

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