Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World's End Has Outdone Themselves! ALL FREE!!

 La Rose Noire De La Reine Pop Head Piece
 Le Dernier Lamento Dress (shorter tutu styled skirt, shoes included!!)

 Requiem Pour Une S Ur Perdue Gown includes fishnet stockings, shoes and head piece - (not shown).

 Le Jardin De La Fille comes with the choker.
 Le Lis Blanc du Roi Pop Head Piece.

 La Nuit Du Chauseur Pop (floor length)

(Another pic of the  La Nuit Du Chauseur Pop which includes the gloves, choker, garters and stockings.)
 Black eye make-up and white eye-make-up both from [ni.ju] at Perfect Wardrobe.
 D!va hair 20,000 member group gift
 Eyes in silver from COOL BEANS
All of these incredible detailed outfits are FREE right now at World's End. I call them outfits instead of just gowns, because (as with my last posted gown from them) when you detach the skirts, they are beautifully textured lingerie, body suits and corsets!! The head pieces are just amazing, and I have been anxious to post some couture like this for awhile now!!

ALL FREE with group join (free to join! ...I KNOW!!)

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